Nebraska Cornhuskers news: The Gator Pipeline, Raiola a natural fit, more

Florida Gators safety Corey Collier Jr.(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Florida Gators safety Corey Collier Jr.(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The early signing period for the Nebraska football team is just about over and it looks as though when it comes to high school and JUCO acquisitions, Matt Rhule and company are just about done until February. Looking at what the Huskers did on Wednesday, one thing that stood out is that the new coaching staff seems to have set up a Florida Gators pipeline.

When the smoke cleared on signing day, the Cornhuskers managed to land a third former Gator in Chief Borders. He joined teammates Corey Collier Jr and Marco Ortiz. It’s certainly an interesting turn of events as you just don’t see three players from the same college football transfer all transfer to another college football team.

The question now is whether the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has actually set up some kind of pipeline or whether this was just a weird one off. The Gators have the kind of talent that it certainly wouldn’t be bad if Rhule and company could keep pilfering.

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When Donovan Raiola was retained by Matt Rhule there were definitely some people who wondered how in the world he was the only holdover from the previous staff. However the new Nebraska football head coach laid out exactly why he feels like Raiola is a perfect fit for his staff. “I liked his vibe, I liked his energy,” Rhule said. “But most importantly to me, he had been trained in the same system that I’m trained in, and I want us to play that way. It was just a natural fit.”

There was one big loss on signing day for the Huskers. Wide receiver Barry Jackson ended up flipping to Cincinnati. That loss was muted somewhat by the surprise transfer from Baylor in Josh Fleeks. Jackson was a Mickey Joseph commit that did visit again when Rhule took over but the Bearcats made a strong push.

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There have been an awful lot of takes about NIL and the transfer portal. Most of those takes have been from coaches that have been awful. That includes Jimbo Fischer’s comments about NIL that don’t make a lot of sense, considering he’s one of the coaches benefitting from it quite a bit.

While that take was awful, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin responded to it in a funny and well done way that is also going to allow him to win some points in the recruiting field.