Carter Nelson commitment lands Nebraska football the state’s premier prospect


Carter Nelson announced on Wednesday at noon that he’s the newest member of the Nebraska football team’s 2024 recruiting class.

21 commits. Before July 1. That alone would be incredibly impressive for Matt Rhule’s Nebraska football regime.

But the 21st commit of the 2024 Nebraska football recruiting class is also the best player in the state. He’s someone the Huskers managed to steal away from Notre Dame and … Georgia. And he’s someone that the entire state has had its collective eyeballs on for months.

Matt Rhule and his staff have gotten a ton of praise over the last week for the work they’ve done on in-state recruiting. That’s even with the loss of Teddy Rezac and the possible loss of Caleb Pyfrom.

While Wednesday made everything official, there were certainly signs that Nelson was going to be “N.” The fact that he invited everyone to come see his commitment had to be a big flashing light. It would have been a bit awkward if the entire town of Ainsworth showed up to see the tight end decide to go somewhere else.

Nebraska football wins again

Nelson announced his commitment in front of that big crowd and it’s the icing on what has been a hell of a month for the Huskers. They now have the state’s top four players. Interestingly enough they are all offensive players.

Carter Nelson, Dae’vonn Hall, Isaiah McMorris and Daniel Kaelin are all in the fold. It’s been a while since the state had four such talented offensive players. It’s going to be fun to see if that quartet can really team up and take on the biggest and best opponents for Nebraska football in the coming years.

The Huskers now have 21 commits already. It’s hard to remember a time when the program had that many commits under their belt. It’s been an even longer time since they had this many under their belt and the class was ranked this high.

Nebraska football had another good day in what has been a string of good days.