Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule admits he missed on Teddy Rezac

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Matt Rhule speaks (Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Matt Rhule speaks (Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule knows that his staff screwed up in the way, and the timing of their approach with Teddy Rezac.

Since Matt Rhule arrived in Lincoln, he’s pushed all the right buttons. Or at least he came very close to doing that. And then there’s the Teddy Rezac situation.

That situation, for those who don’t follow recruiting as closely as some Nebraska football diehards do, is that the Omaha Westside project went an oddly long time before he got an official offer from Rhule’s staff. By time he did get that offer, he’d already decided to play for Notre Dame. He announced his decision the day after Nebraska offered.

The days following the Rezac announcement have been filled with confusion over why it took the Husker coaches so long to see what the Fighting Irish – a program arguably in much better shape these days – saw. And the most interesting twist of all came this weekend when the Cornhuskers head coach made it clear he knows he made a mistake.

Damon Benning of the Coffee & Cream podcast broke it down in a recent segment when he divulged what Rhule told him not long after Rezac committed.

According to Benning, Rhule owned up to missing on Teddy Rezac in large part because some missteps in evaluating the 3-star prospect. Rhule reportedly mostly blamed the fact that he arrived in Lincoln late in the season and couldn’t go and see someone like Rezac play. And because of that he relied on the evaluation of others.

What’s done is done. Nebraska football coaches seem to know they made a mistake. But they also seem to know where and how the mistakes were made. Rhule also reportedly said that they won’t be making that kind of mistake again.

Rhule also said that he and some of the other coaches contacted Rezac after everything went down and apologized for the way things shook out. Apparently apologized for not showing him more love earlierin the process.

Nebraska football coaches made mistakes and are moving on

It’s worth nothing that while quite a few Nebraska football fans see the loss of Rezac as a big miss, only four P5 schools have come calling for the kid. This isn’t a situation where 30 different schools are all clamoring for him and the Huskers seemed oblivious.

It’s possible Notre Dame, Missouri and Boston College just saw something in Rezac other programs haven’t yet. And that’s ok.

What’s important here is that Nebraska football coaches are owning up to it. They understand why people view the loss of an in-state prospect as a miss and say they will have a plan moving forward.