Nebraska Cornhuskers officially in play for star Omaha transfer

It took no time at all for the Nebraska Cornhuskers to make a play for Omaha's Frankie Fidler, but the fight is far from over.
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

While the Nebraska Cornhuskers are busy getting read for their game on Friday against Texas A&M, it’s clear that at least someone in Hoiberg’s Heroes is working towards the future of Nebrasketball.

On Monday, it was reported that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are one of six schools that have already reached out to one of the most productive players to hit the transfer portal on the first day it was open. Should the Huskers manage to land Frankie Fidler it would be quite the coup.

According to On3’s Joe Tipton, the Huskers were among the very first teams to reach out once Fidler was officially a free agent. In addition to Nebraska, Alabama, Indiana, Georgetown, Arizona State and Ole Miss contacted the Omaha star guard.

One name that is currently absent from that list that stands out is Creighton. When Fidler first announced that he was entering the portal, it was thought that a head-to-head battle between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Bluejays would erupt.

So far at least, Greg McDermott isn’t showing a ton of interest in Fidler. That obviously doesn’t mean things will stay that way. It’s even possible that Tipton missed an update on Creighton getting into the mix. However, if Frankie Fidler wants to stay close to home, the Huskers have got to be thrilled about being in the early group of schools that showed interest.

Nebraska Cornhuskers still have to fight off power schools

When considering that Frankie Fidler has been in the portal for about 48 hours, its far too early to consider the Huskers the leaders in the clubhouse. However, they are coming around the first turn in very good shape.

The Huskers have had quite a bit of success of late getting homegrown kids to come to Lincoln. First there was Sam Griesel. Then this year there was Josiah Allick. Fidler would make a nice trifecta.

It can’t hurt that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are a bit of a media darling of late. Even ESPN personality Mina Kimes is hopping on the bandwagon. There’s room on that wagon for Frankie Fidler.