Mina Kimes plans to 'bandwagon the hell' out of Nebraska basketball

The ESPN personality admitted that she doesn't follow the sport that much, but is impressed by the Nebraska basketball program.
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Over the course of the season, the Nebraska basketball team has managed to win over quite a few fans. During the Big Ten tournament it became apparent that not all the fans are even from inside the state.

There’s been quite a bit of talk that now that they are in the Big Dance, certain aspects of the Nebraska basketball team is going to be quite attractive to people who might not have paid that much attention to them throughout the season.

ESPN personality Mina Kimes will start paying more attention to Keisei Tominaga and company on Friday. On Monday, Kimes announced on Twitter/X that Cornhuskers officially had her attention.

That announcement came by way of SB Nation basketball analyst Josh Reynolds, who launched a bit of a sales job for the Cornhuskers and specifically Tominaga.

“Keisei Tominaga is about to single-handedly take the nation by storm,” Reynolds wrote.”Nebraska has been must watch tv since he joined their lineup. He’s one of the most electric players in the entire country. Japanese Steph Curry. If you’re not familiar, get familiar.”

Kimes then quote tweeted his message and made it clear that she was definitely on board:

Nebraska basketball likely didn’t expect to have an ESPN personality in their corner

While it might seem a bit out of left field for Kimes to be openly rooting for the Huskers, it’s not as strange as it looks at first blush.

The broadcaster was born in Omaha when her father was deployed to Offutt Air Force base. She moved out of the state in her teens, but she has also made it clear over the years that there’s a special place in her heart for the Nebraska football team.

When asked why she was just now jumping on the Nebraska basketball bandwagon, her explanation was simple.

“Tbh I don’t really follow Cbb much until now”