Nebraska is the team no one wants to face in the Big Ten tournament

When the Nebraska basketball team was struggling to get wins on the road, it had an obvious weakness, that's not the case anymore.
Minnesota v Nebraska
Minnesota v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

There are just a few weeks left in the Big Ten's regular season. The seeds are starting to shake out and the teams that are expected to make a deep run are materializing. There are also some teams that are looking like they could make some noise when the conference tournament does start.

It might be a bit weird to think of the Nebraska basketball team as one of those upstart teams that would surprise, but there has been a change in the makeup of the Huskers even since the beginning of the Big Ten schedule.

The way that Fred Hoiberg's team has managed to transform itself has made it the team that no one wants to face in the Big Ten tournament. The last two games are just proof that the transformation is complete.

The Huskers have already shown that they can beat the best teams in the conference. There's the upset over Purdue. There's the upset over Wisconsin. And there's the near upset of Illinois at their home court.

Looking at the top of the Big Ten standings, Nebraska has a win over seven of the top eight teams. And Illinois is the only team in that group they haven't beaten at least once. It's hard to make a case that NU aren't capable of knocking off anyone.

Nebraska is the team no one wants to face in the Big Ten tournament

Before their win over Indiana the big knock against Fred Hoiberg's team was that they were absolutely awful on the road. That win might have showed that the Huskers have finally excercised the thing that was really holding them down. The thing that has them on the bubble instead of a lock for the tournament.

There are three games left in the regular season. That means they have three more times to show just how dangerous they can be. And then the Big Ten better watch out.