Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball path to regionals taking shape

The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team is slated for regionals.

Baseball America has them getting in as an automatic qualifier.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska Cornhuskers / Kate Woolson/Texas Rangers/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team is off to one of the best starts in a really long time. Will Bolt seems to finally have a team that can find a way to win games even when things aren’t going perfectly.

All of that is good news, even when the Huskers aren’t perfect. It’s not just Nebraska baseball fans who are noticing that Will Bolt’s squad is taking on all comers. It appears that they’ve impressed outside onlookers enough that Nebraska is now being looked at as a team that is going to make some noise come the postseason.

Baseball America put out its projected playoff brackets for the NCAA Tournament this spring and the Nebraska Cornhuskers are solidly in the field. Even better, the Huskers aren’t just squeaking in as an at-large bid.

According to BA, this time, the Huskers are good enough that they’re getting an automatic qualifier bid. That of course would mean that the publication believes NU is going to win the Big Ten Tournament.

The good news is that the Huskers are projected to be in the field of 64. The bad news is that they are not going to host their own regional. At least not quite yet.

Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball heading to Norman in the postseason

Baseball America has the Huskers headed to the Oklahoma regional as the number two seed in that group. The Sooners, who NU has already played once this season, will be the number one seed and the group will be rounded out by Ole Miss and Bowling Green State.

One reason why Nebraska, who is currently 11th in RPI, won’t be hosting their own regional, according to BA is because of a Big Ten conference that isn’t going to put up much of a fight.

That lack of respect of the conference gets worse when the Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team has to cancel big games against non-conference opponents like Kansas State

With the stretch of the schedule that is going to be almost all Big Ten opponents the rest of the way, Nebraska baseball is going to have to be quite dominant..