Nebraska basketball season officially over after loss to Oregon State

Two days after the men's Nebraska basketball team made its tournament exit, the women's team did the same.
Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Texas A&M Aggies
Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Texas A&M Aggies / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

While there was a ton of hope surrounding the Nebraska basketball program when the NCAA Tournament started it turns out that the Huskers’ program couldn’t make it out of the first weekend. Fred Hoiberg and his crew were handed a tough loss to the Texas A&M Aggies

Just a few days later, Amy Williams and her crew continued a tough weekend of shooting and were sunk against the Oregon State Beavers in the second round of their tournament. 

For whatever reason, things simply didn’t look for either team like it did as they came to the end of the regular season. Alexis Markowski and company nearly won the Big Ten Tournament. Then, once they got into the Big Dance, they had problems hitting shots.

Against Texas A&M in the first round, the Huskers shot just 36 percent from the field. Against Oregon State, it was even worse as the group of what had been hot shooters nailed just 31 percent of their attempts.

Compare that to their overtime tilt again Iowa in the B1G championship game, when they shot 41 percent from the field and 41 percent from beyond the arc. The game before that, they shot 45 percent against Maryland. One has to wonder if the moment just got a bit too big for them. 

At the very least, that crew can know they won their first NCAA Tournament game since 2014.

Nebraska basketball has short stay in the NCAA Tournament

It was an even shorter run for the men’s team as they got hammered by Texas A&M. The most concerning part was that the Huskers defense looked shockingly like it did in the second half of their last Big Ten Tournament game against Illinois.

With the two losses, the Nebraska basketball program’s seasons are officially over. Now it’s time to build and get better for 2024-25.