Nebraska basketball fans feud with Kansas State analyst

One Kansas State fan decided to be a jerk after Nebraska basketball's loss.

Husker fans let him have it on social media.

Nebraska's Keisei Tominaga (30) becomes emotional as he is consoled by a coach while they walk off
Nebraska's Keisei Tominaga (30) becomes emotional as he is consoled by a coach while they walk off / Chris Day/The Commercial Appeal / USA

After all the excitement of the NCAA Tournament leading up to Friday night, the Nebraska basketball loss to Texas A&M was quite deflating to Husker fans. Of course, however hard it was to take for people watching the game, the loss was 10 times harder for the players who played in it. Especially guys like Keisei Tominaga, who played their last game as a member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

It became evident as the game came to its conclusion that things hit Tominaga quite hard. He’s someone who plays with emotion and when he realized his playing days in Lincoln were done, the emotions came back on him hard.

During the final minutes of the Nebraska basketball game, the cameras found Tominaga starting to cry. He also spoke - red-eyed - after the game in the press conference about how sad he was. And it was these incidents that sparked up a feud between on particular Kansas State beat writer and Nebraska Cornhuskers fans.

“Not sure you’re allowed to cry if you lose a first round game at a school that has never won a game in the tournament,” On3’s Mason Voth wrote in a quote tweet of the video of Tominaga becoming emotional.

Nebraska basketball fans lash out at analyst after Keisei Tominaga take

It took no time at all for the backlash to begin after that tweet. Especially once he doubled down. One twitter user commented that people didn’t like the tweet to which Voth responded, “guess not. I thought making fun of Nebrasketball was okay.”

“Making fun of an athlete who poured his heart into something then trying to say you made fun of the school,” one user responded. “Classless”

“When has Kstate ever won a Championship in any sport?” Another user wrote. “Men or Women? Ever”

And then one particular account came off the top rope:

It’s a safe bet that Nebraska fans are going to have some animosity towards Voth for a while.