Dylan Raiola wows social media in Polynesian Bowl performance

Dylan Raiola's playing time in the Polynesian Bowl might have been short and sweet, but the Nebraska football signee showed what the buzz is about.
Indiana v Nebraska
Indiana v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

There's a reason that Nebraska football fans have been quite excited since Dylan Raiola flipped his commitment from the Georgia Bulldogs to the Huskers. On Friday night, the 5-star quarterback once again showed why people are so excited. In the process, the signal-caller showed why Cornhuskers fans are also excited about one of his future teammates.

Friday night, in the Polynesian Bowl was the last time that Dylan Raiola threw a pass on the football field when he wasn't throwing it for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Instead he threw the ball for the All-Star team known as Team Makai.

Raiola probably didn't get as much playing time as Nebraska fans would have liked. He had to overcome his team being down pretty big when he did come in the game. But when he stepped on the field for Makai, he showed flashes of the player that made him the most sought after quarterback in his class.

There were two throws in particular, that had social media going a bit crazy for what the future might hold for the Nebraska football team. The first was a throw that the now-Huskers quarterback made to Carter Nelson:

The 33-yard hookup for the two future Nebraska football players showed a couple of different things that had fans excited on social media. The first was the vision, and accuracy of the throw from the quarterback to his receiver. There was also the ability of Nelson to get open.

The throw was put in a spot in the zone that took advantage of five defenders being the area, but not close enough to the ball or the receiver to make a play. It's safe to say that folks in Lincoln are hoping to see those kinds of throws a lot this fall.

Dylan Raiola wows at the Polynesian Bowl

The second pass that has caught the internet's attention came later in the gaem and allowed Makai to finally get on the board.

That throw was a perfectly thrown slant to Tennessee Volunteers wide receiver commit Mikey Matthews. Matthews was then able to take the ball to the house for a 40-yard touchdown.

It should go without saying that we can't read anything into Dylan Raiola's performance in an All-Star game like the Polynesian Bowl. But it's still fun to see him look as good as Nebraska football fans hoped.