Nebraska football nation goes wild over Dylan Raiola commitment

The Nebraska football team did the thing fans have been waiting for days for them to do, and then social media celebrated.
Nov. 25, 2022; Chandler, AZ, USA; Chandler Wolves quarterback Dylan Raiola (1) warms up to face the
Nov. 25, 2022; Chandler, AZ, USA; Chandler Wolves quarterback Dylan Raiola (1) warms up to face the / The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The day that Nebraska football fans have been waiting for since last winter has finally come. Dylan Raiola has committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. To say that the Raiola's road was a long and twisty one would be an understatement.

Raiola started off shunning the Huskers for Ohio State. Eventually, he realized the Buckeyes weren't the team for him and suddenly, Nebraska football looked like players for the top quarterback in the 2024 class.

Months of talk that the Cornhuskers could land the 5-star prospect eventually fell flat. Raiola chose the Georgia Bulldogs and for a while, it appeared that things were all over. That despite making inroads wiht the legacy prospect, it appeared head coach Matt Rhule lost out.

Behind the scenes, Rhule apparently didn't give up. Even as he welcomed a different quarterback into the fold. It helped that he had Raiola's uncle on staff. That meant the team could keep contact with the young quarterback without expending much recruiting capital. And then, it all paid off. It all went the right way.

Dylan Raiola announced he was committing to the Huskers just a few days before National Signing Day on Wednesday. To say that Nebraska football nation threw a party would be a bit of an understatement. It was the equivalent of a parade on social media.

Nebraska football fans pop off after Dylan Raiola commitment

It wasn't just Nebraska fans that made sure to join the celebration. Husker coaches, and not just the ones who work in Memorial Stadium on Saturdays joined the party rather quickly after Dylan Raiola made his intentions officially known.

Former Nebraska football players joined in the fun as well. Especially a couple of the best quarterbacks to ever come through Lincoln. One from the good old days, one from a lot more recently.

Nebraska football nation is having itself a very good day. But soon it's going to be time to get back to business. Luckily, it feels like there's finally a coaching staff who understands what that means.