Nebraska Football: Dylan Raiola models Polynesian Bowl uniforms

The Cornhuskers signee is set to play in the High School showcase as one of the headliner athletes on Friday night.
Quarterback Dylan Riaola poses for a portrait.
Quarterback Dylan Riaola poses for a portrait. / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY

One of the added bonuses of the Nebraska football team landing Dylan Raiola last month is that the program will get plenty of attention thanks to its new top ambassador. That attention includes when Raiola plays next Friday night at the 2024 Polynesian Bowl.

In preparation for the game, and as part of the pomp and circumstance, the event just released a new video on Instagram showing off the duds the players will be wearing in the contest.

The video features Raiola quite heavily, as should be expected when you’re talking about a 5-star quarterback who was one of the top prospects in his entire class. 

He’s shown wearing a green uniform with yellow lettering full of Polynesian designs at the shoulders and in the numbers. Raiola is also sporting a helmet with his signature visor, and the whole look is quite sharp indeed.

The video also serves as a dependable reminder that the Polynesian Bowl will be the next time that Nebraska football fans will get to see their newest star quarterback in action. That’s especially newsworthy since it’s likely watching the legacy prospect play was an afterthought when everyone believed he was headed to Georgia.

Nebraska football signee sports Polynesian Bowl uniforms

Those who want to watch the Polynesian Bowl will need access to the NFL Network. For those who don’t currently have a cable provider or streaming service with that particular channel, consider registering for FuboTV and then rest easy.

One of the cool things about this offering is that you can record it in your virtual DVR and watch any and all of Dylan Raiola’s pretty passes over and over.

The game takes place at 4pm Hawaii time on Friday night, which means that the game will be on the network on 8pm central. This will be the last time Nebraska football fans will get to watch Dylan Raiola in a live game until the spring.