Brett Sears' dominant run continues for Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball

  • The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball ace blew away Northwestern.
  • The Huskers also opened the Big Ten schedule with a win.
NCAA Baseball Regional - Fayetteville
NCAA Baseball Regional - Fayetteville / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team is continuing to roll through its schedule. And along with the team, Brett Sears is having the kind fo season that hasn’t been seen in Lincoln in quite some time. The Huskers ace continued his personal run on Friday while the team won its 8th straight.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team’s 5-2 win over the Northwestern Wildcats was that Sears wasn’t as dominant as he has been for most of the season. It’s always interesting when 7 innings pitched, 4 strikeouts, 2 walks, and 2 earned runs isn’t all that impressive.

It’s one of the statements about just how big and bad the Cornhuskers apparently are this season. 

While Northwestern is about as far from a power house program in the Big Ten as one can imagine, it’s one of the reasons why the Huskers need to beat them. And after falling behind 1-0 and being tied 2-2 until the 7th inning, Will Bolt’s boys finally showed they are still the superior team.

Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball romps to 8th straight victory

Now that the Huskers have started their run through the Big Ten, it’s important that they rack up as many wins as possible. Nebraska is a team that is going to need some help from the rest of the B1G in order to keep their RPI number high.

Not only is Bolt’s squad looking at winning a conference title, but they’re also looking to score a good enough RPI that they are a shoo-in for a regional

The Huskers might have a bit more of a difficult time against Northwestern thanks to the weather. The Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team might be forced to play a double header on Saturday. That of course is something that favors Northwestern.

Now the Huskers will try and follow in Sears’ footsteps and keep on winning.