Nebraska Football fans can sympathize with Texas A&M supporters over playcalling comments

Texas A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at the Nashville Grand Hyatt on Broadway.
Texas A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at the Nashville Grand Hyatt on Broadway. /

Nebraska football fans were likely chortling and feeling quite a bit of sympathy after the latest comments about play calling by Jimbo Fisher.

One of the nice things about Scott Frost no longer being a member of the Nebraska football program is that Husker fans can state confidently that they’ve learned their lesson. When a coach somewhere else does or says things that remind them of Frost, they can see the danger coming.

If they’re a Nebraska football fan that sees that danger coming down the road might warn a program’s fanbase of its imminent arrival. Texas A&M fans should take this article as just such a warning. That’s, of course, if they need a Nebraska football fan to give them another reason why Jimbo Fisher is a disaster waiting to happen.

During SEC media days, the Aggies’ head coach and a few of the team’s players made comments during the event that surely set off alarm bells among Nebraska football supporters. Especially when Fisher opened his big yap about his new offensive coordinator.

If appears like Scott Frost before him, Fisher has a problem handing over the reigns to the man hired to take them.

The A&M coach was asked if new OC Bobby Petrino would be calling plays this fall. His response shouldn’t make any of his fans feel good.

"“I’m not going to get into that. Bobby was hired for a reason. Tremendous guy. Tremendous football mind. Hopefully he’ll call the game & have suggestions.”"

Nebraska football fans have heard this garbage before

I’m sure some Aggies fans will claim that was exactly the right answer. After all, why give the opposition any ammo or ability to prepare? Some Nebraska football fans made similar comments when Frost first blamed then-new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple for struggles, before refusing to say whether he’d taken playcalling duties away fro the man who had been on the job for a few months.

I’ll just point out that it’s never been clear to me how an opposing SEC team might get ready for Texas A&M based on who they know is calling plays. Unless you’re talking about running an entirely different offense based on Fisher or Petrino being “the man.”

The ‘close’ argument

If those around Nebraska football thought Fisher’s comments reminded them of the worst head coach the program had seen in 50 years, then one of his players’ comments probably gave them a harrowing case of deja vu.

Texas A&M DL McKinnley Jackson spoke to the media about how his squad was actually better than their 5-7 finish a year ago. A finish, by the way that many felt should have been the end of Fisher in College Station.

It turns out that perhaps the fact that most of their losses were “close” is the reason Fisher has one more life.

“If you look back, we would’ve been 10-2 if (not for) one possession (games),” Jackson said.

It’s comments like this that make Nebraska football fans sympathize with Texas A&M supporters. It sure feels like things will go pear-shaped for the SEC school. Maybe the next guy will be better.