Nebraska Football: Even fireworks stands are putting Scott Frost on blast

Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost reacts after the Colorado Buffaloes scored a(Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost reacts after the Colorado Buffaloes scored a(Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports) /

As Nebraska football moves ever closer to Matt Rhule’s first season at the helm, there are still some people taking their final shots at the former coach.

Scott Frost is thankfully, long gone. But the lasting effects he left in his wake are enough that some Nebraska football fans aren’t done showing their disdain. After all, even his assistants admitted this offseason that his staff wasn’t really up to the job they took on.

Since his departure, there have been plenty of fun filled ways in which Nebraska football fans have shown their continued dislike for Frost. However, an Omaha area fireworks stand found a a way to literally put the former Huskers coach, on blast.

The fireworks stand in question is selling something called the “Frost Warning.” The package features the outline of a football complete with laces, but beyond that appears to be similar to any other explosive shoppers can find as it shoots off 16 balls of flame.

What really makes this product stand out from the pack, Husker Max columnist Dave Feit pointed out, is the asking price.

At first glance, a price of $16.31 just seems odd. And then you remember that Scott Frost compiled a record with the Nebraska football team of 16-31. Props to whoever set the price point indeed.

Nebraska football fans join in the fun

When Scott Frost first came to the Huskers, the fanbase was filled with hope. Since he left, story after story has detailed how the former Cornhuskers coach blew his big chance.

Right at the top of the list were accusations that Frost didn’t lead his program with authenticity. Several fans seemed to glom onto this viewpoint in their comments about the explosive on offer.

“Does it start with a big bang and then fizzle out real fast,” one Husker fan tweeted.

“Well. They are guaranteed to blow …” another wrote.

“It’s all fun and games until it self destructs at the end,” a third Nebraska football fan tweeted.

There’s plenty of other great tweets in that thread as it appears the stand offered Cornhuskers fna a chance to get their final shots out at a man so many hoped would turn the program around.

Meanwhile, we can all hope that people who think the Nebraska football program is finally being lead by adults are correct and that the 2023 season brings a big bang.