Nebraska Football: New Huskers staff praised as ‘the adults in charge’

Head coach Matt Rhule of Nebraska Cornhuskers on the field (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Head coach Matt Rhule of Nebraska Cornhuskers on the field (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Nebraska football recruiting is going quite well in the state to the point where one high school coach praised the staff as “adults in charge” now.

Matt Rhule and his staff are on quite the roll in recruiting. They are especially on a roll in regard to in-state recruiting. And one of the coaches they’ve interacted with the most has a theory as to why. Granted, it’s not a theory that hasn’t been floated before.

Bellevue West head coach Michael Huffman recently spoke to Steve Sipple of On3 about the interactions he’s had with Matt Rhule and company. To say that he’s pleased with what Nebraska football has been doing in-state would be a bit of an understatement.

There is one particular section of the interview that stood out to me. And that’s when he compared how the previous staff handled homegrown players and how Rhule and his group are doing it.

"“It just seems like — and I’ve heard others say it — there are now adults in charge. That’s not a slam on the previous guys. But these guys have all been around.”"

Huffman was clearly trying to be nice to the previous staff under Scott Frost. However, while saying that he didn’t want to slam the “previous guys,” he kind of slammed the previous guys. Specifically when it came to Zavier Betts.

Huffman believes that Betts, as well as former Bellevue West running back Jaylin Bradley, were handled quite poorly by Frost’s staff. It’s hard not to agree with that assessment considering that Betts was on his way out the door before Rhule took over. Bradley is gone.

These days, there’s an honest-to-goodness Bellevue West to Nebraska football pipeline flowing. Daniel Kaelin began that, having flipped from Missouri to the Huskers this spring. Then came the “Bellevue 2” as they should absolutely be known from now on.

Isaiah McMorris and Dae’vonn Hall announced they were committing to the Huskers simultaneously on Friday. Neither were locks to be Cornhuskers just a few weeks ago. In fact, there was plenty of talk that Hall and the Huskers were moving in separate directions.

One has to think that Huffman played a part in repairing whatever was broken there.

Whatever needed to be repaired, actually being repaired seems like another sign of the adults being in charge.

Now the Nebraska football team just needs to start winning some games.