Nebraska Football: Maybe it’s good Matt Rhule isn’t on this list

Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule speaks at the introductory press conference(Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule speaks at the introductory press conference(Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football fans are hoping that Matt Rhule is on the top of lots of “best coaches” lists, but it might be good he missed this one.

All publicity is good publicity. That’s what most people believe.

However, in the sports world, bad publicity is just bad publicity. And that’s why Matt Rhule not being on a list of coaches who will never win a national title has to be considered a positive.

Even if the list also talks about the best coaches in the game today.

Mike Farrell put together the list of “Top Five Coaches Who Will Never Win a National Championship,” and the Nebraska football coach is definitely not on there. The names that are, should raise some eyebrows.

The first name on the list, ranked number five, is Deion Sanders. It continues to amaze me how much love the new Colorado Buffaloes head coach has gotten this offseason, thanks to a petite sample size.

I get why Farrell thinks that Deion Sanders will never win a national title. He’s starting his FBS career at a program that has been among the worst in the country for quite a while now. I’m just not sure why he’s considered one of the five best.

There are tons of coaches out there who will never win a national championship. Some have already shown they can rack up wins. Just not the very biggest one. The rest of the list makes a little more sense, though the inclusion of Marcus Freeman at number two is also a bit of a head scratcher.

Freeman definitely has a bit more background in college football. But being the second-best coach on this list? That seems a bit much.

Chip Kelly and Lane Kiffin make sense because while they’ve won their share of games, they helm programs that are unlikely to ever have the kind of seasons that can allow them to win it all.

And then there’s Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh. That certainly seems like a shot across the bow for Wolverines fans. However, it appears that’s not the real reason he believes Harbaugh won’t win it all.

"To me, as Harbaugh turns 60 this year, the question will now become how much longer he wants to continue being the Michigan head coach. Deep down, I think he always will want to be the Michigan coach, but how much of the grind will he want to put himself through?"

Nebraska football head coach left off the list

Matt Rhule might have been left off a list that Deion Sanders is on for a couple of reasons. Maybe it’s all about the fact that Farrell believes there is an outside chance that Nebraska football could win a title in his tenure.

Assuming everything goes right, Rhule will most likely be here for a while. His contract is rich enough that a school would have to pay a pretty penny to steal him.

I’m going to assume that was the reason. I find it hard to believe that Farrell looked at the resume of Sanders and Freeman and then Rhule and decided they were definitively better coaches.

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So maybe it really is good that the Nebraska football head coach was left off the rankings.