Nebraska Football: Deion Sanders approach to recruiting should make Huskers fans thankful for Matt Rhule

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

If you’re a Nebraska football fan, all you want for Christmas is for the Huskers to return to greatness. Or at least return to a state where they are going bowling every year.

If you’re a Colorado Buffaloes fan, you probably want the same thing. You might also want a coach who displays better-recruiting chops than what Deion Sanders has shown off so far.

As he’s affectionately known by those who like him, Coach Prime has drawn a lot of buzz since landing in Boulder. Of course, Matt Rhule has generated quite a bit of buzz since arriving in Lincoln as well. He’s also generated what several recruiting sites see as nearly a Top 25 class despite having to rebuild and taking the Nebraska football recruiting class from the mid-40s near the Top 20.

It was made quite clear that the reason Rhule and his staff had recruiting success this winter is that they worked quite hard and traveled all over the country to reel in prospects from parts of the country largely ignored by their predecessors. Meanwhile, it appears that Deion Sanders is looking for players simply by advertising for them on Twitter.

"“I need a couple of Defensive Tackles that’s Hungry and hadn’t eaten in a minute. #CoachPrime@CUBuffsFootball I Ain’t Hard 2 Find. Even on Christmas”"

This particular tweet comes after Sanders’ first recruiting class was ranked in the 50s by most recruiting sites. That’s even though he managed to haul in some big-time talent in transfers from his former team in Jackson State.

To Coach Prime’s credit, the tweet got attention. There were even some players that actually sent their stats and profiles hoping they might garner an offer. There were also plenty of people who found the whole thing rather humorous.

It is of course possible that Sanders’ approach had the desired effect. People are certainly talking about the less-than-standard approach to recruiting.

Personally, I’ll still take someone like Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule, who worked his tail off and didn’t try to make it about himself.