Nebraska football: Casey Thompson impressing behind the scenes

Nebraska football quarterback Casey Thompson (11) throws a pass for a touchdown
Nebraska football quarterback Casey Thompson (11) throws a pass for a touchdown /

New Nebraska football quarterback Jeff Sims might be getting the most practice snaps, but Casey Thompson is keeping himself in the running for starter.

Casey Thompson might not be full go like Jeff Sims is, but Nebraska football fans who think that means the quarterback battle has already been decided should apparently think again. It turns out that the Huskers starting quarterback in 2022 is doing everything he can to be the starting quarterback in 2023, even if right now “everything he can” is mostly behind-the-scenes stuff that Husker fans can’t see with their very own eyes.

The Omaha World-Herald wrote this week that while Thompson can’t practice alongside his teammates the way he’d like, he’s still making sure that he keeps up with the offense and the new coaches. New offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield has been quite impressed with Thompson.

"“What he can’t do physically, he’s not behind at all mentally. He’s exactly where he needs to be. He’s done a really nice job of staying engaged throughout this whole process where he can’t throw the ball in practice right now and done a really nice job.”"

Thompson is throwing the ball in practice a little bit just not at the same level as someone like Sims. Satterfield is far from the only member of the Nebraska football team that has noticed how hard Thompson is working.

Nebraska football quarterback on the way back

Transfer offensive lineman Ben Scott, who came over from Arizona State a few months ago, has liked what he saw from Thompson in their limited time together. Scott said that Thompson is always asking him to meet him after practice so the two teammates can go through. some snaps together.

"“Casey’s a really dedicated person. I think he’s almost one of the first people in the building and one of the last people to leave. He’s always in here doing his throwing motions and in the rehab room and in the film room watching plays.”"

One reason Thompson’s actions are impressionable is that most affiliated with Nebraska football know that the quarterback battle isn’t going to be decided during the spring game. Even if Jeff Sims impresses coaches and fans on Saturday, he’s not going to be named the starting quarterback for the 2023 season.

That will come in the fall. And by then, Casey Thompson will get to show Nebraska football coaches whether or not he’s ready to take the starting job.