Nebraska Football: Huskers have a receivers coach, the name is just a matter of when

Carolina Panthers wide receivers coach Joe Dailey (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)
Carolina Panthers wide receivers coach Joe Dailey (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) /

On Saturday, Nebraska football fans looked into the team’s future with the commitment of three different players. What many might have missed in the excitement of those commits, especially the pledge of wide receiver Jaylen Lloyd is that the Cornhuskers have another staff member waiting in the wings, even if he hasn’t been officially announced.

One of the most interesting things about the way that Matt Rhule has built his staff since he arrived here is that it’s been quite piecemeal. He named a couple of additions just a day or two after his arrival. Then he added a few more and a few more, but they haven’t come in bunches the way some other staffs tend to announce the hires. It’s actually been a little while since another member of the on-field coaching staff has been announced. That apparently doesn’t mean that Rhule hasn’t been adding on.

It turns out that after his announcement that he would be playing for the Nebraska football team and running track, Lloyd let a cat -at least partially – out of the bag. The Huskers have a wide receivers’ coach.

To his credit, the Omaha Westside player didn’t betray any confidences. He simply confirmed what has been the prevailing sentiment for a little while now. In speaking to the media after his commitment ceremony Lloyd said the Nebraska football team does have his position coach. He’s been told who it is, but that he’s not supposed to say who.

While no one with the Nebraska football team is saying for sure, there is one name that has been floated out there more than a few times as a potential addition to Matt Rhule’s staff. Could Carolina Panthers’ wide receivers coach Joe Dailey be taking the same position with the Cornhuskers?

The hire makes a bit too much sense for a variety of reasons. First of course, is that Dailey knows Nebraska football inside and out. He was the first quarterback that former head coach Bill Callahan brought to Lincoln.

He was also the last wide receiver’s coach that Matt Rhule brought to Carolina. Dailey joined Rhule’s staff this past year and is still there, coaching out the string alongside interim head coach Steve Wilks.

If Dailey is the hire, that the Panthers’ season isn’t over is the best reason out there for why it hasn’t been announced yet. Despite being 5-8, there is still an outside chance Rhule’s old squad could still make the playoffs, thanks to an NFC South that doesn’t have a single team with a winning record.

Nebraska Football Receiver’s Coach Playing Waiting Game

Carolina is currently one game behind the Tampa Bay Bucs for the division lead. Tampa takes on a Bengals team that is gunning for a Top-3 seed in the playoffs. Carolina is going up against the lowly Steelers. Two 6-8 teams could be tied for first place with three weeks to go in the season.

While some Nebraska football fans might be a bit annoyed that an NFL also-ran’s season is viewed as more important than Husker recruiting and making things official, Lloyd’s comments make it clear that if Dailey is the guy, not having him officially on staff isn’t hampering things.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that an announcement could come sooner rather than later. If Carolina manages to lose to the Steelers and Tampa pulls off a victory against the Bengals, the road to the playoffs becomes quite a bit murkier.

For now, Nebraska football fans can rest assured that the Huskers do have a receivers’ coach. Finding out exactly who is just a matter of time.