Nebraska Cornhuskers news: Matt Rhule first commit, OL coach weirdness, more

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule before the game (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule before the game (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

Things have been a bit turbulent in Nebraska Cornhuskers world since Matt Rhule took over the head coaching job. There have been more than a a few players leaving the program and decommitting but on Tuesday, Rhule nabbed his first official commit since coming to Lincoln.

The Huskers got themselves a speedy wide receiver out of Texas in the form of Brice Turner. Turner is in fact so fast that he’s going to be appearing on two different Nebraska Cornhuskers’ athletic teams.

Turner is also going to be running track. Apparently his recruitment was a kind of joint effort between Rhule’s staff and assistant track coach Brenton Emmanuel among others.

The Huskers are the only FBS school to give Turner an official offer. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be a good weapon for a Nebraska Cornhuskers football program looking to rebuild and reload.

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One of the weirder things that went down in Husker Land on Tuesday was the way that the offensive line coach rumors spun out of control a bit. For a while, it appears that John Garrison coming back to the Cornhuskers was a done deal.

Then there were dueling rumors where Donovan Raiola was considered the other man that might take the job. And now, it appears that Raiola is indeed the hire.

Things are definitely getting a bit crazy in Lincoln as people anxiously await the arrival of the rest of Matt Rhule’s staff.

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Speaking of rumors sparking up and spinning out of control. There was quite a bit of talk on Tuesday that Wisconsin receiver Braelon Allen was going to be transferring out. There was even at least one report that he was at least gone.

Allen had to address the rumor himself on Twitter. He actually did a pretty good job trolling those who had passed off rumors as fact. He even gave Lane Kiffin a run for his money in that regard.