Nebraska Football: Lane Kiffin shoots down report, trolls reporter

Head coach Lane Kiffin (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Head coach Lane Kiffin (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Nebraska football might not end up hiring Lane Kiffin. In fact it probably won’t. But it appears that for at least one more day, he’s still at Ole Miss and might be available in the contract offer is just right.

On Monday night, it appeared that the first domino had fallen that could start off one heck of a coaching carousel. A report that Lane Kiffin was headed to Auburn popped up on Twitter and quickly started making it around the internet.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Something that could only happen in this particular age of college football and social media. Lane Kiffin seemed to knock down the rumors that he was headed to Auburn. And Nebraska football fans who were hoping he’d come to Lincoln started breathing huge sighs of relief.

Even if you happen to be a Nebraska football fan who doesn’t think the Ole Miss coach is going to be a Cornhusker, the way he reacted to the report, in real time was something else. It was, for lack of a better word, quite brutal. Especially when you consider that his offensive seems to have completely quashed the report for now. CBS Sports even had a tweet up backing up the Jon Sokoloff story and ended up deleting it.

Kiffin’s first response was tame enough. He simply quote tweeted the original report and said that it was “news to me.” He then made a crack about Sokoloff’s sources. However, it appears the coach felt that wasn’t quite enough.

Then he started going hard after the reporter in a series of tweets.

Whether this is Lane Kiffin putting up the ultimate smoke screen until he does take a job with the Nebraska football program, or Auburn or somewhere else, or whether he really is shooting down this report, one thing is true. The report and the Ole Miss coach’s response certainly made for an interesting Monday night.