Nebraska Football: Urban Meyer replacing Ryan Day could be a Husker dream come true

FOX Sports college football analyst Urban Meyer walks along the sideline
FOX Sports college football analyst Urban Meyer walks along the sideline /

For Nebraska football fans, this has been a better weekend than we have the right to have, considering the team just finished with a losing record for the sixth straight season. Matt Rhule being named the Huskers head coach might not even be the main reason why it’s been such a great weekend.

One reason that the weekend has been a fun one is because it’s been quite hilarious to watch Iowa Hawkeyes fans melt down after losing out on their shot for the Big Ten Title Game. Tangentially it’s been a delight to watch Ohio State fans freak out after the Buckeyes’ blowout loss to Michigan. Their freakout has been a bit louder than even Iowa’s, and there have been more than a few fans calling for head coach Ryan Day’s head.

I haven’t been shy about my absolute revulsion at the idea that Nebraska football would hire Urban Meyer themselves back in the day. He was the hot candidate for the Cornhuskers back in the day. But my pushing back against those who wanted Meyer wasn’t just about him being a truly bad person who was ok covering up one of his coaches committing spousal abuse, or the blatant racism of another of his assistants.

I also don’t think Urban Meyer is well suited for what the college game is these days. And that’s why it might be the best thing possible for Nebraska football fans if Ohio State somehow bowed to the will of the loud voices on social media.

People don’t seem to realize just how much has changed in the college football landscape since Urban Meyer was last the head coach. NIL didn’t exist. It wasn’t even really on the horizon.

Transfers were certainly a part of the world the former Ohio State coach existed in, but not anywhere near what it is now. There’s a reason not a single school will hire Meyer this fall. Nebraska football was far from the only one staying far away from him. It’s not just because of his failures at Jacksonville.

It’s understandable why OSU fans are mad about Saturday’s embarrassment. It’s two in a row for Ryan Day. But the idea that Urban Meyer would be able to go back to Columbus and pick up where he left off is the definition of fool’s gold.

Now that Matt Rhule is officially in Lincoln, nothing could be better than a weakened Ohio State. There would be few things funnier than seeing Buckeyes fans get what they want. Nebraska football fans should absolutely get behind this atrocious idea.