Nebraska Football: Angry Trey Palmer found way to endzone, Huskers couldn’t find a way to win

Nebraska football wide receiver Trey Palmer (3) celebrates with teammates (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football wide receiver Trey Palmer (3) celebrates with teammates (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

For Nebraska football wide receiver Trey Palmer, it’s safe to say that this season hasn’t gone like he thought it would, either for his team or for him individually. When Scott Frost was fired, and Mickey Joseph was hired as his replacement, it seemed to light a fire under the LSU wide receiver.

However, as the season has gone on and the Nebraska football team has encountered one roadblock after another, Palmer’s season went from potentially record-breaking to one that was good but certainly not great.

On Saturday morning, Trey Palmer made it clear that he was ready to get after it. He wasn’t having this losing anymore. He took to Twitter and announced he “woke up p— off.” He then took to the field and certainly tried to do his part to lead the team to a win in a game that was at least a little bit of a turnaround from a previous couple of weeks.

The LSU transfer who followed Mickey Joseph to the Nebraska football team may or may not have played in his final game at Memorial Stadium. If it was, then his four catches and two touchdowns should have been enough to lead the Huskers to victory.

Because he still plays on the Nebraska football team, a team that snatches defeat from the jaws of victory far too often, his two touchdowns weren’t quite enough and the Huskers lost 15-14 on Senior Day.

Palmer’s performance wasn’t perfect. He continued a disturbing trend of drops. He had another one on Saturday afternoon on the Cornhuskers’ final drive. Of course, that mattered less because the game would have ended even if he had caught it.

His two TDs did break a streak he was likely happy to see end. Since his insane game against the Purdue Boilermakers, he hadn’t caught a touchdown pass entering Saturday.

Despite easily the best performance of any Nebraska football receiver against Wisconsin, Palmer is probably even angrier today as his coaches let him down and couldn’t find a way to score just one more time.