Nebraska Football: Garrett Nelson, Trey Palmer hint at 2023 return

Nebraska football defensive end Garrett Nelson (44) celebrates after a stop(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football defensive end Garrett Nelson (44) celebrates after a stop(Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska football team hasn’t had the kind of season that anyone was hoping they would have. Things went sideways right from the beginning with the loss to Northwestern. Then head coach Scott Frost was fired and Mickey Joseph was hired and people thought maybe there was a chance to salvage something from the wreckage.

The loss to Michigan pretty much guaranteed that there was nothing to salvage from this year as the team is going to be sitting home during bowl season for the sixth straight year. However, there might finally be a bit of sunshine in what has been a very cloudy couple of months. The Huskers may be looking to reload rather than rebuild once again in 2023.

That’s because two of the best players for Nebraska football on either side of the ball have seen hints fly that they might be returning for another season in 2023. That would certainly help whoever is going to be the next head coach turn the program around quickly.

The hints came as Mickey Joseph and company were discussing who would do the traditional walk during senior day on Saturday. The tilt against the Wisconsin Badgers is the final home game of the year for Nebraska football. The first hint was delivered by interim head coach Mickey Joseph who made it clear he didn’t believe receiver Trey Palmer would be participating in the Senior Day festivities.

Nebraska football stars have one year left

The Nebraska Cornhuskers and many other teams are still dealing with the fallout of the COVID season that gave everyone who played in it, an extra year of eligibility. That means that even though this is Palmer’s fourth season, he’s got another year to play.

Likewise, Garrett Nelson could be returning to the Huskers next season. While Palmer let Joseph talk for him, Nelson hinted at his return all on his own.

He told the assembled media that he wouldn’t be walking on Senior Day. When someone asked whether that meant he would be returning in 2023, he let a wry smile appear and said “I don’t know.”

Just who is coming back to Nebraska football and joining with the new head coach, whenever he’s named, will certainly be a story to watch in the coming weeks.