Nebraska Football: Herm Edwards tops Scott Frost in embarrassing rumors

It feels like it’s been a long, hard winter for the Nebraska football team. In reality, it’s been just a few weeks since Scott Frost was fired, Mickey Joseph was named the interim head coach and the state as a whole started moving on from what they hoped was going to be the “return of the golden boy”

Unfortunately part of the moving on from Scott Frost has been several rumors bubbling to the surface about the former National Championship-winning quarterback’s behavior once he got the job with the Nebraska football program. While some of the accusations, including that Frost was skipping meetings and recruiting visits in order to go drinking or golfing, some truly incredible accusations came out on Friday afternoon surrounding the failed regime of Herm Edwards’ Arizona State Sun Devils.

In a recent article by The Athletic‘s Doug Haller, it appears that people who worked for Edwards were ready to be done working for Edwards. Some, according to Haller were even trying to help opponents so that they would turn around and beat the Sun Devils and Edwards would get fired faster.

There’s a number of reactions that occur to this particular Nebraska fan upon hearing this. The first is that at least things haven’t gotten that bad in Lincoln. I can’t even imagine the idea that Husker assistant coaches would be leaking info to opposing schools.

If that was going on, it certainly feels like whoever was doing that should not only have their careers at Arizona State be over, but they probably need a “time out” when it comes to coaching in general. That so severely goes against the idea of sports in general that it’s just hard to believe could be true.

Of course, there were other rumors that ring a little more believable, especially after hearing the things that have risen to the surface since Scott Frost’s firing. Sometimes coaches believe they don’t have to do the work because they can leave it to their assistants.

That was another allegation brought up by Haller, who reported he talked to people at Arizona State who weren’t sure Edwards had ever really learned the rules of recruiting. That makes sense, considering he’s actually under an NCAA investigation for violating recruiting rules.

It certainly has been an interesting trend this season to not only fire the coach, but also to apparently salt the earth behind them. While some of that comes off as sour grapes from people who maybe simply didn’t enjoy working under Scott Frost or Herm Edwards, it also seems that more than ever, people are comfortable explaining exactly why they didn’t enjoy their time with their boss.

In that regard, it was refreshing to see Interim Nebraska football coach Mickey Joseph make it clear he and his new staff aren’t going to “sabotage” the program in the wake of Frost’s exit.