Nebraska Football: Deontai Williams coming back good for many reasons

I am noticing a theme among the Nebraska football players who decided to come back for a fifth and final season. Do not worry, it is a good theme. Nebraska football safety Deontai Williams talked to the media about several things on Wednesday.

One of the most interesting things he talked about is why he decided to come back to Nebraska football. After all, he has a son and playing college football is not exactly the most financially fruitful avenue. Nevertheless, he wanted to continue to build on the culture that the upperclassmen have started in Lincoln.

For his part, Williams was a big part of the defense in 2020. Yes, sometimes he got a little bit over-anxious and that led to targeting. Even still, there was no denying his heart and passion for being a part of the program.

For the year, he recorded 37 tackles and four pass deflections. Those numbers were career-highs for him, after he missed most of the 2019 season due to injury. It was a nice little redemption season for him.

On top of that, he is not done.

In speaking to the media on Wednesday, he talked a little bit about why he decided to come back. In reading his entire session with the media, it was one of the more interesting ones of the day. He really gave a lot of insightful answers. The answer I liked the most is when he talked about why he decided to come back to the program. It was similar to the answer JoJo Domann gave to the media last week.

“I feel like this team that we’ve got right now can do way more and we want to show the country that we are better than everybody else thinks they are.” Williams said he wants to leave a footprint in changing the program, so even 20 years from now when his young son is ready to play football, he’ll be able to look back “and see what daddy has done.” Williams is in grad school, working on a master’s degree in financial planning.

I absolutely love this answer right here. It is such a multi-layered answer that is good for so many reasons. For one, he wants to establish that culture. Secondly, he wants to set a positive example for his son on the field. Thirdly, although not part of the quote, he is working on a master’s degree in financial planning. He is setting himself, and his son, up for the future in many different ways.

That to me is why I am so happy that many of the defensive upperclassman are coming back. This is the type of leadership they will bring to the table. Williams will definitely be a big part of that, and hopefully he will continue to bring his swagger to the defense.