Nebraska Football: Haarberg and Fidone have already begun working

The Nebraska football duo have already begun working together.

As the Nebraska football offseason continues, is that a lot of hype surrounding the 2021 Nebraska football recruiting class. Two of the names that have garnered a lot of hype in this class are quarterback Heinrich Haarberg and tight end Thomas Fidone. You are probably going to hear those names pop up a lot more in the near future.

In speaking to some reporters earlier in the week, Haarberg indicated that he has already begun working with the tight end. So far, it sounds like things are going well for the both of them.

First off, I love to see them working with one another. This is a connection that may prove to be the future of Nebraska football.

Obviously with a quarterback like Logan Smothers waiting in the wings, Haarberg will undoubtedly have to battle for a starting spot. Nevertheless, he has a good chance to be under center for Nebraska football at some point in his college career.

Right now, he is just working with his classmate. We all know what Fidone can bring to the table, and he is extremely talented in his own right. He should certainly be a starter for Nebraska, especially when you look at the fact that Nebraska has a lot of upperclassman at tight end, comounded with the fact that Fidone is a big time playmaker.

In correlation to that, Haarberg indicated that he was impressed with Fidone’s set as the two work with each other this offseason. In doing so, he kind of gave us a little bit of a preview of what could potentially be the future of Nebraska football. So far, I like what I’m hearing.

“Obviously I try to work to never stare at the receivers, even if it’s just one-on-one,” Haarberg said. “If it’s a corner route, I’m trying to move the safety or corner down, and then look him back. But the first time I think I threw to him, I didn’t lead him enough like three times in a row. I’m like, ‘What in the world?’

“So I finally on one play just stopped and watched him run, and just threw to him while I was watching, and I just realized how much you’ve got to lead him, because his radius is so big and he’s so fast for a guy his size.”

Haarberg passed for 4,407 passing yards and 48 touchdowns in his high school career.  Fidone is an explosive playmaker who acts like a wide receiver. The combination of those two could be a dangerous duo in the coming years.

Especially with Nebraska using the tight end position a lot more, I personally am excited to see what Nebraska is able to do with Fidone. With any luck, it should make for some exciting Saturdays.