Nebraska Football: Heinrich Haarberg committed at just the right time

Nebraska Football  received a commitment from Haarberg at the right time.

There is little doubt that Heinrich Haarverg is going to be a productive player for Nebraska Football. Now, we are learning more about what he can bring to the table.

In a recent piece published by the Lincoln Journal Star on Monday, they offered a nice look into what Haarberg’s skill sets are. When you watch his film you can see what they are right away. He is a strong-armed quarterback who can show some mobility out of the pocket. It’s really impressive to watch, and it makes me thankful that Nebraska football was able to land him. The fact that he comes from their backyard was just a bonus.

However, all the film in the world couldn’t do justice to what it looks like in person. Just ask Tim Jenkins who has worked with Haarberg. As noted in the Journal Star story, Jenkins is based out of Colorado. He has seen firsthand what the quarterback can do.  It sounds to me like Haarberg is even more than what his film suggests. That is certainly a good thing in this case, as Nebraska needs to continue stockpiling quarterbacks for the future.

According to Jenkins, Haarberg kind of flew under the radar. This sort of fits with Nebraska’s recruiting style, as they are very good at finding diamonds in the rough.

“He’s a kid that, if college coaches would have come to Kearney Catholic (this spring), they would have walked in during the evaluation period, watched him throw three balls and they would have offered him,” said Jenkins, who noted that about 15 colleges had plans to stop by the school before the NCAA instituted a dead period. “… Outside of athleticism, right now his strength is just purely arm talent. If you play golf, there are guys where they hit a shot and you just say, ‘Well, I don’t have that one.’ He’s that kind of kid as a passer.”

That arm strength was instantly noticeable when I watched his highlights. He can get the ball down the field quickly and efficiently. Often times with a strong-armed passer, they need to work on their precision and accuracy. That didn’t seem to be a problem for him either.

Of course, we have seen the cases of high school quarterbacks dominating at that level, and then transitioning to the college game and struggling. To me, that’s not something that should hamper Haarberg . His skills are already pretty established and he looks comfortable in the pocket. This affirmation about him being a tremendous passer gives me more hope that he could be a quarterback for the future.

To be fair, I have liked the majority of Nebraska football quarterbacks. Haarberg is certainly a special talent. The fact that he flew under the radar is a bonus for Nebraska

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