Nebraska football recruiting: In-state commit visits LSU

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The Nebraska football recruiting class is leaking.

The 2018 Nebraska football recruiting class has been taking some hits lately. It took another when in-state commit Cameron Jurgens took an official visit to LSU.

Husker fans have been expecting the recruiting class to have some problems since Mike Riley was fired. That’s one of the many reasons fans hope the Cornhuskers name a new head coach quickly.

There are plenty of people who think one name that could staunch the bleeding would be Scott Frost. We won’t know that until he’s named (could be tomorrow) and indeed stops players like Jurgens from visiting other schools.

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For now, Nebraska has a skeleton crew running the recruiting endeavors. There’s also a great degree of difficulty in keeping commits on board when guys like Trent Bray can’t tell them who will be the new coach or whether he’ll honor their commitment.

The good news here is that Jurgens is indeed an in-state commit. He came to the party as a massive Husker fan to begin with.

Jurgens is the top-rated player in the state of Nebraska according to Rivals. Losing him to LSU would be a blow.

That blow wouldn’t just be losing a talented player. It would also be a problem considering there have already been stories about Nebraska kids heading to other schools.

The most painful example of in-state kids coming back and hurting the Huskers was Noah Fant from the Iowa Hawkeyes. A Husker by birth, he lit up the scoreboard against the Cornhuskers in the final game of the season.

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It would be really, really bad if the Nebraska football recruiting class of 2018 lost one of the best players in the state to a team that was reeling this time last year. Cameron Jurgens is one recruit the next Huskers coach has to lock down.