Why Nebraska basketball will manage to go undefeated this week

The Nebraska basketball team has a lot on the line against Ohio State and Rutgers but they've been stepping up of late.
Ohio State v Nebraska
Ohio State v Nebraska / Eric Francis/GettyImages

The Nebraska basketball team is on the kind of roll it simply doesn't go on all that often. Not only do they look like they're headed to the NCAA Tournament, but they could even be headed to having a few days off when the Big Ten tournament tips off.

In order to get the double bye though, the Cornhuskers are going to need to take care of business three more times. While they don't have to go 3-0, if they do manage to win all three of their last four game, then they are indeed getting the double bye.

In order to start down that path, they need to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes on Thursday night. That's easier said than done, even if OSU is having a bit of an off year. Even though they've fired their head coach.

Maybe even because they have fired their head coach, OSU is going to be a tall task. In fact, ESPN predicts Ohio State is a rather strong favorite. If this was the Nebraska basketball team of most of the season, I'd predict they were going to lose. But this version of the Huskers is different.

They're tougher. They're better. They've found their footing. Even on the road. And they're going to send a message on Thursday when they beat the Buckeyes.

Why Nebraska basketball will manage to go undefeated this week

After they send a message by beating the Buckeyes, it's time to wrap up an undefeated home season and take a very, very big step towards the NCAA Tournament.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights have been a decent opponent for quite a few of their conference rivals this year. However, the Nebraska basketball team has business to take care of and it seems rather unlikely that they'd miss out on a chance to clinch a ticket to the big dance against Rutgers.