Post-spring Top 25 should have Nebraska football fans ecstatic

Joel Klatt released his post-spring top 25 and the Nebraska football team got quite a bit of love from the veteran broadcaster.
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Joel Klatt, who is highly regarded in the college football world, is very familiar with Nebraska Football. In 2023, he broadcasted several Husker games with booth partner Gus Johnson.  

Hence, Nebraska fans can take delight in Klatt’s 2024 college football rankings, which positions Nebraska at No. 22 as the new season approaches.  

Interestingly, Klatt, a Colorado alumnus, didn’t rank his Buffaloes, which raises the possibility that Klatt is worried about the number of players transferring out of Colorado. It also doesn’t help that Colorado played awful in the second half of last season.

Nonetheless, Nebraska’s ranking is surprising as Klatt witnessed several major defeats, including Colorado’s win over the Huskers in 2023. Klatt also saw the Huskers fall short against Minnesota in their first game of the year. In this game, Klatt himself mentioned, Nebraska had become notorious for losing games in the final moments, a trend that plagued former head coach Scott Frost.

Rhule must be doing something right with Nebraska football

There must be something Klatt sees that encourages him about the Huskers. Or perhaps he is similar to Kirk Herbstreit, with a known bias and often secretly rooting for the Huskers.

Regardless of the circumstances, Husker fans have every reason to be filled with joy and excitement. The ranking and high expectations are met with a warm welcome by fans.

The Dylan Raiola experiment

Perhaps freshman quarterback Dylan Raiola has Klatt willing to place Nebraska in the top 25. In fact, he alluded to such comments, mentioning that Raiola could be a difference-maker in previous close games, which were lost due to poor quarterback play and decision-making.

Nebraska fans are united in their agreement that a steady and trustworthy quarterback will only enhance the team’s already solid defensive numbers.

Regardless of the reasons, Nebraska has gained the attention of a top broadcaster. It is their responsibility to fulfill their obligation and put on a show.