Nebraska leadership begged Trev Alberts to stay in 11th hour

  • Newly released text messages from Nebraska officials to the former AD showed a push.
  • In the end, those messages weren't enough to keep Trev Alberts around.
Nebraska Spring Football Game
Nebraska Spring Football Game / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Those in the higher echelons of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and even the state of Nebraska did everything they could think of to keep Trev Alberts on the day they found out he was leaving. In the end, it appears that Alberts was quite a bit more fixated on heading to Texas A&M than people thought, considering how everything went down that day.

KETV released a new report on Friday the network built through FOIA requests that allowed them to view text messages and emails that were sent from Governor Pillen and the Nebraska board of regents to Trev Alberts.

Those messages show a range of panic among everyone involved in university leadership as they realized they were about to have to undergo a search for a new athletic director. 

“Just so you know as news has broke Nebraskans are devastated if you leave,” Governor Pillen, a former Nebraska football player and former regent wrote. “You represent commitment grit and determination. Leadership Nebraska is and loves about you.”

Current regent Tim Clare was far more direct and aggressive in his messages to Trev Alberts as he worked to keep the athletic director in Lincoln.

Nebraska leaders pulled out all the stops to keep Trev Alberts

“I’d just like you to consider that we changed our structure so that you’d report directly to the President; we approved every project you brought before us,” Clare wrote. “We have a void at President, but that will be filled soon. Give us a chance…please call.”

Clare also claimed that if Alberts stayed with Nebraska, he would work with the Nebraska AD and president in the ways that Alberts wanted.

That message would indicate that at least some of the rumblings about why Alberts left were true. There was some sort of clash between Nebraska leadership and Trev Alberts.

In the end, despite leadership trying its best to keep the AD with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he moved on anyway. Now there are some who believe it was best for the program. Some even think that the regents might have made the choice for AD in order to spite Trev Alberts.

Whether it’s really for the better has yet to be seen.