Nebraska football is better off without 'sanctimony' of Trev Alberts - analyst

  • Matt Rhule has stepped into a leadership role with Nebraska football.
  • Trev Alberts' abrupt departure shows that the Huskers are better off with Troy Dannen.

Texas A&M Aggies athletic director Trev Alberts looks on
Texas A&M Aggies athletic director Trev Alberts looks on / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As the Nebraska football program tries to move on with its new athletic director, there is at least one analyst who thinks the Huskers will be better off in the long run. 

Since Alberts departed for Texas A&M there have been any number of articles written about who was the villain. Some people think that Alberts ran away from the Board of Regents because they were planning some rather disgusting moves that had to do with the university presidents.

Others think that the hiring of Jeffrey Gold and Troy Dannen was a rather massive middle finger to Alberts because he left them in the lurch. On the lurch part, Mike Farrell Sports writer Rock Westfall agrees with the sentiment. And believes Nebraska got the better end of the deal.

Among the reasons that Westfall believes Alberts is no longer a man of character is because he left the university in a crisis. At this point, the analyst also believes that it’s possible the former Husker AD is more interested in coming off a certain way, than actually getting in the muck and working.

“During his tenure” the analyst wrote. “He seemed to be building such a culture. But Alberts often came off as a man who loved the sound of his own voice. One of his favorite sayings was that the athletic department needed to be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable.’ He vowed his department would be the hardest working in the country. Yet Alberts cut and ran for Texas A&M in less than three years, and his dalliance with Aggieland was not his first.”

Nebraska football is said to be better off without Trev Alberts

Westfall ripped into Alberts several more times throughout the article. At one point talking about the new Aggie AD as a “big baby” who took his ball and went home.

One things seems to be getting clearer as more time passes and Alberts does things like tweet out at a university that doesn’t appreciate him talking about it at all. A man who left Nebraska football all of the sudden, no longer looks like he ran because he had to.

More analysts see it as someone running away.