Nebraska football could turn to freshman amid defensive back worries

Mario Buford is a talented early arrival who might see a ton of playing time considering the defensive back issues facing Nebraska football.
Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

It’s not something that’s been talked about much before today, but it stands to reason that the Nebraska football team might have a problem with its defensive backfield. Specifically, the problem could be at the corner position.

Tommi Hill should be able to hold one of the cornerback positions down without a problem. The question is who will take the other spot. It was supposed to be Blye Hill, but he’s going to miss at least the start of the season.

Nebraska football could turn to freshman corner

The Nebraska football team is also the odds-on favorite to land USC transfer Ceyair Wright. Can he step in and be the starter despite being unable to practice with the team until camp opens on July 31?

If he can’t get up to speed as quickly as the Husker coaches need, who else could be “the man?” It might be freshman corner Mario Buford.

 Buford went through spring camp as an early enrollee, learning all of NU's secondary roles along the way. That’s the first strike in his favor. There’s also the fact that he’s a natural fit for one-on-one coverage due to his physicality and long arms.

Before joining the Cornhuskers, he was a very talented defensive back at DeSoto, one of Texas' best high school programs. And there’s one other thing that might allow Mario to grow quickly and step into a role that few envisioned back in January.

Mario has his older brother and fellow Husker, Marques Buford to lean on. 

All of this will hopefully allow the true freshman to hit the ground running. If he’s not, it’s hard to see exactly where the Nebraska football team will go. There simply aren’t many other players who can be expected to step up and start from day one in the 2024 season.