Rivalry on the Recruiting Trail: Nebraska Football's battle for top QB

Nebraska Football faces tough competition from Colorado in the race for standout QB TJ Lateef. Can they win out in the end?
California v Colorado
California v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Nebraska Football has secured the bag when it comes to it’s 2024 quarterback class. Dylan Raiola and Daniel Kaelin are looking like they could be very good for the present and future of the Huskers. But because this is college sports, there’s always the next generation. 

The Nebraska football team thought it had an in with that next generation in TJ Lateef. The 4-star recruit out of Orange Lutheran, California has been at the top of the Cornhuskers wish list for quite a while now. It’s appears that Nebraska has been at the top of Lateef’s wish list as well. But that could be changing.

Lateef recently took a visit to a school that has emerged as a big-time recruiting rival for Nebraska Football in the last couple of years. For whatever reason, the Colorado Buffaloes and the Huskers have butted heads often since Matt Rhule and Deion Sanders took over their respective programs.

Lateef is the latest highly touted player the two programs have faced off against. Unfortunately, the quarterback’s recent visit to Colorado could have Nebraska Football coaches worried.

Nebraska Football has new program to worry about in race for TJ Lateef

It’s not the first time that it’s felt as though the Cornhuskers have seemed like their pursuit of Lateef was in danger. Not that long ago, recruting analyst Tom Loy said he thinks the Texas Longhorns could be a thorn in Nebraska Football’s side.

Colorado now also looks like another thorn. Especially after Lateef had nothing but good things to say about “Coach Prime” to 247Sports.

"Just to have to ability to get time to sit down with him for 45 minutes was a big thing for me. His knowledge for the game is high and what he has going for the program is high. I just like what he does, how practices are structured and how hard they compete during practices. It was a great feeling out there."

Lateef went on to say that he thinks the Buffs are going to get an official visit. It appears Nebraska Football has a real competitor in the race for TJ Lateef. Now we sit back and see how the Huskers respond.