Nebraska football may be worried about Texas 'upset' on top QB prospect

  • Recruiting analyst Tom Loy believes Nebraska football is running away with it.
  • However, Texas could step in and steal TJ Lateef away.
Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback throws a pass
Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback throws a pass / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Nebraska football has brought in Daniel Kaelin and Dylan Raiola, the Huskers are looking for the guy who might take the ball in future seasons. Matt Rhule and company appear to be zeroing in on their next commitment at the position.

TJ Lateef is one quarterback prospect that the Nebraska football team has been in a good position with for a while now. According to 247Sports recruiting analyst Tom Loy, they’re still the front-runner. That’s good news and could lead to a commit any day now.

Loy appeared on the official 247Sports podcast, where he discussed the chances of the Nebraska football team getting hot when it comes to recruiting. One of the guys they are getting hot and staying hot is with the 4-star 2025 prospect.

Loy said that he’s been very close to making an official prediction, a Crystal Ball, for TJ Lateef to join the Huskers for a while now. He said he hasn’t quite been ready to pull the trigger but that he probably should.

“I think they are far and away the leader right now,” Loy added. “They are recruiting him harder than ever. He's going to be there for an official visit in April.”

However, it looks like the Nebraska football team could be facing a bit of a wrinkle in the form of the Texas Longhorns.

Nebraska football worried about an upset for TJ Lateef

“There's still a weird storyline when it comes to Texas that I'm watching,” Loy continued. “We've talked about this before. There's just something uncertain when it comes to Texas and their quarterback commit, KJ Lacey, and maybe Alabama eventually gets involved there. But I'm hearing that they've reached out and had some communication with TJ Lateef.”

“I think Texas has, especially with the relationship between Steve Sarkisian and TJ Lateef and the respect that he has for the Longhorns head coach, they could dip in and pull off the upset as it is now and beat Nebraska for Lateef.”

The Huskers have already lost out on one target to an old Big 12 rival. It would certainly be frustrating to lose to Texas on TJ Lateef, especially as strong as they’ve been so far.