Nebraska football team urged to 'think like Jim Harbaugh'

The Nebraska football team needs to rethink it's approach to scheduling according to one local beat writer.
Coach Jim Harbaugh speaks at an introductory press conference
Coach Jim Harbaugh speaks at an introductory press conference / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Should Nebraska football schedule a bunch of a powder puff opponents in its non-conference slate with the end goal be making the College Football Playoffs? It appears one local beat writer believes that's the way.

Sam McKewon recently wrote in the Omaha World Herald that the Huskers should take the "Jim Harbaugh" approach to scheduling as the CFP expands to 12 teams and then will almost certainly expand to 14 in a few years.

McKewon harkened back to Harbaugh's comments about how he wanted the playoffs to expand to 16 teams a few years back. The writer made it clear that the former Michigan Wolverines coach was likely thinking about his own team making the field.

Michigan didn't make the 4-team format until the last three years of its existence (2021, 2022, 2023).

""The Wolverines didn’t play a single nonconference road game in those seasons. Not. One. In all three seasons, in fact, Michigan played its first four games at home, and finished 12-0 in those games.""

Sam McKewon

The intimation here is that Nebraska football should follow suit. That they need to do what Matt Rhule recently voiced interest in. Schedule softer opponents that will lead to undefeated non-conference runs.

Would Nebraska football making the playoffs somehow be boring?

The idea that the Huskers should start ensuring they're 3-0 entering conference play every year doesn't sit well with some. Most who oppose the approach point out that the games simply aren't that interesting for college football fans in general to watch.

While entertainment should certainly be high on the priority list for the Nebraska football team, winning should be right there at the top.

Michigan's 2023 schedule, especially it's non-conference schedule was ridiculously weak. But it didn't stop them from winning the National Title. The Wolverines took advantage of playing in the Big Ten and leaned on that to get it into the 4-team playoff field.

Nebraska football not doing the same would essentially be, malpractice.