Nebraska Football star is drawing comparisons to Patrick Mahomes

Comparing Nebraska Football star Dylan Raiola to Patrick Mahomes might seem insanely premature, but there's a method to the madness.
Patrick Mahomes and Nebraska Football quarterback Dylan Raiola have some things in common
Patrick Mahomes and Nebraska Football quarterback Dylan Raiola have some things in common / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

There has rarely been the hype around an incoming Nebraska Football quarterback like there has been around Dylan Raiola. Adrian Martinez came close in the first year of the Scott Frost era, but the excitement around the former 5-star flip surpasses that by several levels.

Since he arrived on campus, there have been more than a few people that have made some comparisons between Raiola and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But one former Nebraska Football star believes that the Huskers signal-caller is actually better than the future Hall of Famer was at this stage in his own career.

During the most recent episode of Locked On Nebraska, podcast host Mitch Sherman relayed some comments that were made to him by former Husker defensive back Mike Minter. During that conversation, Minter made it clear he sees the possibility of greatness in Raiola.

Minter, who was most recently the Campbell Camels’ head coach, stepped away from his position this winter. Since leaving the school he spent over a decade coaching at, he’s been traveling around getting ready to take the next step in his career. In the meantime, he stopped in Nebraska and talked to Sherman.

Nebraska Football quarterback better than Patrick Mahomes at this point in his career

Sherman went on to say that Minter, “believes in watching Dylan Raiola, that Dylan is better than Patrick Mahomes was at this stage of his life and in his development.” 

The analyst added that Minter was not in any way trying to claim that Mahomes isn’t as good as advertised. Nor did the former Husker corner mean Raiola is actually better than Mahomes now. Which is good since that would be insane.

“He then went on to tell me all about the great things that Patrick Mahomes has done and why he's done it because of his work and how he continues to work,” Sherman said. “But that's some high praise from a respected voice for Nebraska's freshman quarterback.”

While that comparison seems far fetched, it’s important to note that Patrick Mahomes was not a 5-star prospect like Raiola was. He went to Texas Tech and was considered a “system quarterback.”

Comparing the Nebraska Football star to the Kansas City Chiefs superstar might seem a bit over the top, but it’s just a statement on what high hopes the Husker program and its supporters have for Dylan Raiola.