Nebraska football rival gets hit with massive defensive loss

  • Nebraska football certainly understands what losing a top player can do to a season.
  • Michigan keeps taking hits, this time with a player injury.
  • The Wolverines could be in for a tough 2024.
Rod Moore
Rod Moore / Joe Rondone / USA TODAY NETWORK

While things are looking bright for the Nebraska football program in 2024, one of its Big 10 rivals is not exaclty having a great offseason. In fact, it seems as though the hits just keep on coming for the Michigan Wolverines.

New UM head coach Sherrone Moore has had a tough go of things since taking over the the head coaching job. HIs predecessor, Jim Harbaugh took quite a few of the best Michigan coaches with him when he left for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The guys that Moore has hired since haven't always worked out for the best. In fact, one of the defensive assistants had to resign just weeks after he was hired. He was hit with a driving under the influence citation.

Now, the problem hitting Moore and company is going to affect the players on the field. That's because defensive back Rod Moore is reportedly out for a large portion, if not the rest of the 2024 season.

Moore is said to have suffered a torn ACL during one of Michigan's first spring practices. The tear is said to be bad enough that if he's able to come back this season at all, it won't be until very late in the fall.

Nebraska football rival loses top defender to injury

Moore is entering his senior campaign with the Wolverines and has made 28 starts during his career. Moore’s made plenty of big plays at Michigan, but none bigger than his game-sealing interception against Ohio State last November.

It was plays like that that helped his team win the national title and see very few games where a loss was even in danger.

Even more than the Nebraska football rival losing a starting defensive back to injury is that the Wolverines are now relatively thin at the position.