Former Nebraska football star still playing wait and see on NFL career

One former Nebraska football star is planning on signing as an undrafted free agent though there is a bit of a holdup.
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Most of the former Nebraska football stars who didn't get drafted and are hoping for a career in the NFL are getting ready to try and show their stuff in rookie minicamps or are already showing off what they can for their new teams. However, there is one ex-Husker who is planning on hooking on with an NFL squad but there's a bit of a hold up.

Quinton Newsome, the former Nebraska football defensive back, didn't hear his name in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, his talent didn't go unnoticed, and the league came calling just a few days later. The Denver Broncos were expected to be his new team, but the deal is yet to be finalized, adding a layer of suspense and anticipation to his journey.

Newsome is one of 14 undrafted free agents that the Broncos are expected sign or have already signed.

S Cam Allen (Purdue), OLB Jaylon Allen (Memphis) ILB Levelle Bailey (Fresno State), P Nik Constantinou (Texas A&M), OT Frank Crum (Wyoming), TE Dylan Leonard (Georgia Tech), DT Brandon Matterson (UTSA), DT Jordan Miller (SMU) ILB Alec Mock (Air Force), WR Lincoln Victor (Washington State), RB Blake Watson (Memphis) TE Thomas Yassmin (Utah) and former Nebraska football teammate Omar Brown have all been signed.

According to Parker Gabriel, Newsome is in Denver, ready to sign a deal and try out for the active roster. Howeve, the two sides haven't agreed on a deal.

Former Nebraska football star Quinton Newsome poised to join Denver Broncos: What's holding up the deal?

It's only a matter of time before Newsome dons the Denver Broncos jersey. When that happens, he's poised to make a significant impact in the NFL, showcasing his skills and potential to the world. This prospect is undoubtedly exciting for both Newsome and his fans.

During his Nebraska football career, Newsome was one of the Huskers' best defensive backs. 2022 was the best season of his Huskers career as he recorded 44 tackles and 10 passes defensed. Last year he was on his way to the best season before an injury derailed it.

It's possible the holdup is that the Broncos aren't convinced the ex-Nebraska football star is totally healthy. That bears watching over the next few days.