Nebraska football has perfect opening to bring ex-Blackshirt home

Dejon Gomes wants to come back to Nebraska football. While John Butler took the job he wanted most, it feels like there's an opportunity for a reunion.
Frederick Breedon/GettyImages

When the Nebraska football program announced Evan Cooper’s resignation, I don’t think anyone thought Matt Rhule would move as fast as he did to find a replacement. Certainly, no one thought the replacement would be leaked just 12 hours later.

While it looks like Cooper’s replacement is in place, there is a former Blackshirt who made it clear he wanted the job. And while he probably wasn’t an excellent fit for Cooper’s job, changing how the Huskers have to fill their coaching staff could mean a perfect fit to bring Dejon Gomes home.

When news of Cooper’s resignation hit social media, Gomes took to Twitter to clarify that he would like to be added to the Nebraska football staff. He won’t be the defensive backs coach, but with the Huskers able to add as many full-time coaches as they want, it might be worth seeing if he wants to take on an “assistant defensive backs coach” role.

Nebraska football has a chance to bring back ex-Blackshirt

Most recently, Gomes served as the defensive backs coach for the Diablo Valley Vikings. He’s clearly looking to move up the ranks after a three-year career in the NFL where he got to play in 46 games.

While Gomes is still early in his coaching career, his eagerness to join the Nebraska football program in Lincoln is a promising sign. His potential to be a mentee to the current Husker coaches, especially with the potential expanded staff, brings a sense of hope and optimism for the team's future.

Gomes' ties to a JUCO program that the Huskers have recruited from before, particularly his connection with linebacker Eteva Mauga-Clements, who played for NU from 2020 to 2022, adds a sense of familiarity and connection to his background.

Would I be suggesting Gomes should be brought in if he didn’t have ties to Nebraska football? No, almost certainly not. But if there was a chance to bring in a former Blackshirt based mostly on his ties to the program, this might be the guy, especially because he doesn’t need to be put in a position where he’s in charge of a position group until he’s proven to have earned it.