Nebraska football defensive backs coach draws high praise from NFL colleague

Nebraska football reportedly hires ex-Bills coach John Butler, praised for his NFL expertise, as excitement builds among fans.
Perry Knotts/GettyImages

It still isn’t totally official but since every indication is that Nebraska football hired former Buffalo Bills secondary coach John Butler as their new man at the same position, it’s time to take a rea look at who they got. And when you take a look like this, how he’s thought of in the business carries a lot of weight.

One thing that’s been talked about a lot has been that Butler stepped down from his NFL job last year. It doesn’t appear he did so because he was burned out, or that it was a situation where it was really a mutual parting of the ways.

In fact, recent comments from one person who worked with Butler in the NFL made it clear that it’s likely he’d still be with the Bills if he wanted. Instead, he is apparently the newest addition for Nebraska football.

Nebraska football’s newest hire gets plenty of praise

Since 2003, Butler has been an assistant coach in both major college programs and the NFL. But it’s his long stint in the pros that has Nebraska Cornhuskers fans most excited. And it’s where he’s earned a reputation as a very competent strategist.

Evan Weiss, a data scientist with FanDuel who used to work directly with the Buffalo Bills made it clear he’s supportive of the new hire.

John Butler gets big endorsement from those who covered him

“Great hire,” Weiss wrote on Twitter in a comment about the rumor that the Huskers had hired Butler. “John is one of smartest coaches I’ve ever worked with.”

Butler of course, wants to be a defensive coordinator again. The hire will always be interesting for that reason. Though it’s good to see that if the Nebraska football needs to promote him sooner rather than later, it looks like there are people out there who think it would be a solid move.