Nebraska football on verge of 'upset' for offensive line prospect - analyst

  • The Nebraska football team is fighting for offensive lineman Jack Lange.
  • Notre Dame might be a front runner but it may not stay that way.
  • One analyst thinks the Huskers can pull an upset.
Notre Dame v Nebraska
Notre Dame v Nebraska / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

One of the more interesting things that has occurred for Nebraska football recruiting over the last year or two is the number of times that the Huskers have squared off specifically against one team that doesn’t really count as a rival in the recruiting all that often. 

The Nebraska football team appears to be going head-to-head against the Fighting Irish for linebacker Christian Jones. It looks like the two teams are also squaring off against one another for Jack Lange.

In those two races, it appears that each school is running ahead of the other. While the Huskers appear to be the leaders for Jones, the Fighting Irish are the frontrunners for the 4-star offensive tackle. And what makes these races so interesting, is that who is in the lead and who is an also ran can change on a daily basis.

In the case of Lange, it appears that the Nebraska football team is making some headway. In fact, 247Sports recruiting analyst Tom Loy believes that Matt Rhule and the Huskers can make a dent in the hold that the Irish are thought to have on Lange.

“I kind of lean towards Notre Dame,” Loy said on the 247Sports Podcast. “There's some things behind the scenes, including multiple visits Nebraska that are already lined up. So keeping on Nebraska there, I think they could pull off what I think many would consider an upset over Notre Dame and Jack Lange.”

Nebraska football could pull off the upset over Notre Dame

The visits that Loy was talking about involve an official visit to Lincoln on June 21. As of now, it appears that it is the only official visit he’s set up.

That doesn’t mean that Nebraska football backers should get too comfortable. Michigan and Notre Dame and several other power conference teams are going to come calling. But the impressions the two schools have made stand out.