A Nebraska football NIL war has begun over beef jerky, of all things

The 1890 Initiative is getting into a new NIL business, but Nebraska football fans aren't happy they're elbowing another organization out.
Iowa v Nebraska
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Not many people saw a beef jerky fight between two Nebraska football NIL organizations breaking out on a random Friday in February. But that fight did indeed break out and it appears that Husker fans are already taking sides.

It all started when the 1890 Initiative announced it was launching a line of branded beef jerky called Cornhead Jerky. The company, as it does with all it initiatives said that the profits from this endeavor will go towards funding NIL projects with the Cornhuskers athletic department.

Normally, that wouldn't be met with the derision or annoyance that was seen online, but the problem is that there is already a Nebraska football NIL initiative out there that deals with beef jerky and it has itself a bit of a cult following.

Pipeline Jerky has been around for a while now and is geared towards giving money specifically to the Nebraska football team. The Pipeline in its name has to do with "the pipeline" which is what the Huskers offensive line used to be called.

On the one hand, there's nothing bad about more money going into the Nebraska football team or the Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic department. On the other hand, that the 1890 Initiative went into a market that was already well known by another NIL company is more than a little weird.

It's unneccesary at the very least. And the most unncecesary part of it is that there is now more than a little hard feelings among Nebraska football faithful.

A Nebraska football NIL war has begun over beef jerky, of all things

The reaction to the Cornhead Jerky announcement was quite negative. And most people all had the same problem.

"1890 knows Pipeline Jerky exists," wrote one Husker fan. "And instead of picking literally any other product that the market would support, they chose to go in direct competition.

"At the end of the day they all support the same thing…?" another wrote I couldn’t care a less if there are 10 different jerky kinds out there it’s all about"

It's the back and forth on social media that shows just why the 1890 Initiative going into the beef jerky business seemed like less than a well thought out plan. Even if the initial anger fades, bad feelings were stoked where they didn't need to be stoked.