Nebraska football could be getting another B1G rival soon

Those who thought that conference realignment was done might have been wrong and Nebraska football could be getting a new rival.
Jan 22, 2015; Tallahassee, FL, USA; A general view of the Florida State Seminoles logo in the first
Jan 22, 2015; Tallahassee, FL, USA; A general view of the Florida State Seminoles logo in the first / Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Nebraska football team be getting a new conference rival quite a bit sooner than anyone expected? It's more likely than people realized just a few weeks ago. At the very least, it certainly seems that conference realignment could be a thing again this summer. And I'm not talking about UMASS joining the MAC.

If you've been following the fight between Florida State and the ACC at all, you might wonder just how everything is going to play out. The Seminoles are mad at the conference because they don't feel as though the ACC did enough to make sure they got into the CFP despite an undefeated season.

The ACC has basically said that any fight is pointless because the Grant of Rights goes well beyond this fall. However, that argument might be set aside in order to achieve peace with FSU.

On3's Andy Staples believes that a recent court filing by the ACC might hint that it's willing to work with Florida State. There's a reason why the conference would do that, considering that any recent court ruling that's come out involving NCAA organizations tends to be striking down any kind of regulation. There's a risk that a court could determine something lke the Atlantic Coast Conference can't hold FSU against its will.

Florida State could be a Nebraska football rival sooner than expected

Staples believes that if the two parties come to an agreement, part of it might be to let Florida State go, so that their hold on the Grant of Rights isn't wiped out.

If that is the way it goes, it seems more than likely that Florida State will be looking towards the Big Ten. They could go to the SEC as well, but the Seminoles have been linked to the B1G before.

The catch might be how much money the ACC would want for FSU to get out of the Grant of Rights agreement. If it's a dollar amount that the Seminoles feel they can afford, the Nebraska football team might indeed have a new rival soon.