Could Nebraska Football feel the impact of the impending FSU exit?

Now that Florida State seems to be starting an ACC implosion, should Nebraska football be ready for blowback?
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State, Nebraska Football
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State, Nebraska Football / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

It is not that long ago that Nebraska Football ventured a switch themselves. Transitioning from the Big 12 to the Big Ten was seen by some to be short sighted. With established recruiting pipelines in Texas, and leaving behind old rivalries, only now is it starting to look like the move from then will also lead to improved results on the field.

For Nebraska Football, the decision to leave was in hopes of looking for a conference that would provide a more equitable opportunity. For FSU this decision comes in spite of a conference wishing to do everything in their power to keep them.

With the benefit of current knowledge, Nebraska Football ended up joining a conference situation that looks like it will be more stable than ever, while the ACC is scrambling to maintain national relevance. Some are even saying that the Power Five, is in reality only a Power Two, with the Big Ten and SEC establishing themselves as the best that college football has to offer.

Nebraska Football leaving comparisons

While the Big 12 seemed indifferent about Nebraska Football leaving, FSU will look for greener pastures, despite a protesting ACC. So what are the actual realistic possibilities going forward?

The entire reason FSU is leaving is because of an undefeated season that did not lead to a college football playoff spot. If not immediately, then they would want to join a situation that has the potential of being viewed as stronger over time.

At this point, Mike Norvell is doing a good job of bringing FSU back into the national conversation. in what is slowly becoming a sort of arms race among conferences, is it actually possible that FSU could join the Big Ten?

Any potential geographic limitations are really a non factor, in current college athletics, it would be just as possible that they join Washington State, and Oregon State to revamp the Pac 12. But with the issue of joining either a weaker Big 12, or another conference further west, the same issue would emerge.

Instead, for now , while the college football landscape takes a moment to see how events unfold, it's most likely that FSU, and eventually Clemson, take the independent route.

We have seen the willingness to amend schedules, and set up matchups. Similar to Washington State and Oregon State, FSU will likely enter into a conference arrangement, probably with the Big 12, but remain independent. This would leave the possibility of a more informed decision either to join a "Power Two" later or for what Chip Kelly is calling for just one remaining superconference.

Either way, in a new superconference era, or as an independent, this opens up one possible opportunity. FSU and Nebraska Football would be able to schedule games against each other. WIth a couple of non conference spots remaining down the road, and Coach Matt Rhule not being afraid to take on tough challenges, FSU leaving would provide an opportunity. A potential opportunity for Nebraska Football to redeem those loses from the 80s and early 90s.