Nebraska football: Early signing day change could be welcomed

Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule has talked about the challenges of the calendar, an early singing day change could ease that up a bit.
Nebraska v Illinois
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Assuming the reports are correct about a change to the early signing day, Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule might be quite happy. He could at least feel quite relieved, considering one of his most recent comments complained about the NCAA football calendar.

That calendar might be easing up as the early National Signing Day could be moving up to earlier in the month of December. The move is expected to be finalized in the very near future, and the early signing day will take place on December 4. 

Right now, that same date is the third Wednesday in December. The way it’s set up now, the signing day takes place after conference championship games are over. It also happens to be right around the same day that the transfer portal first opens.

That’s caused more than a few coaches some angst. It’s not just the Nebraska football coach who has asked for change. Now it looks like the NCAA is finally listening. The charge is being led by the SEC, but it appears that it will be approved by the rest of the college football world soon.

The question now is whether Matt Rhule might have a touch of ESP. Earlier this week, he made an appearance on the ESPN GameDay podcast where he talked about how rough the calendar is right now. 

“Man I got done and December was a grind recruiting, you’re doing the portal, then you come back, early January is the portal,” Rhule said. “It’s later January we finally can talk to families and recruits when we’re on the road. But it’s a lot. I really believe you have to be called to want to work with young people to be a college coach. You have to believe that you’re helping them with their lives. But it definitely takes a lot of time.”

Nebraska football: Early signing day change could be welcomed

By moving early signing day up a couple of week, teams will be able to deal with this before the expanded playoffs kick off, should they be involved in that sort of thing.

Nebraska football fans are hoping that’s a concern they’ll have in the very near future.