Nebraska freshman QB reveals his jaw-dropping 'welcome to college' moment

Nebraska freshman QB Daniel Kaelin shares his 'welcome to college' moment on 'The Let It Fly Show,' discussing the speed difference from high school.
Nebraska Spring Football Game
Nebraska Spring Football Game / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

When Daniel Kaelin committed to the Nebraska football team last spring, much was made of his skills and maturity, which made him eligible to compete for a starting job immediately. The former Bellevue West signal-caller still has those skills and he could still turn into someone who leads the Huskers to big wins over the course of his career.

However, being a true freshman, even one that got the benefit of practicing and playing with the Nebraska football team early in the spring, he has things he has to learn. He still has to adjust to the speed and skill of the guys he’s going up against now.

During a recent episode of ‘The Let It Fly Show‘ with Mike’l Severe, Daniel Kaelin shared some of his experiences and surprises since transitioning to college football. He was candidly asked about his 'welcome to college football moment ', a question that encapsulates the unique challenges and surprises of the game at this level.

Nebraska football frosh had his ‘welcome to college moment’

“A few people have asked me that,” Kaelin responded. “And at first, I didn’t really think of a moment. But then the other day I though of one and it was our second practice and it was third down stuff and there was a play… I ended up looking the wrong way. So I messed up the play, but I knew I had a check down, and I turned and had pressure in my face, so I just threw it away. I thought I threw it somewhere that no one could get it. I think it was Tommi Hill, but the speed that he broke on the ball all the way to the sideline, and he caught it. The speed is different.”

Because of that moment, Kaelin will certainly be better in the long run. If he’s not able to take the starting spot for Nebraska football, he can at least be a talented backup to Dylan Raiola or whoever does get the spot. And he can lean on that lesson the next time he’s in that situation.