Nebraska football analysts throws cold water on exploding expectations

Nebraska football analysts, including Sipple, believe the Huskers' 2024 expectations might be overly optimistic despite potential improvements.
Nebraska football spring Game
Nebraska football spring Game / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

It’s not surprising at all that there’s quite a bit of excitement over Nebraska football’s 2024 season. The second year of the Matt Rhule regime is expected to be the year that he finally turns the fortunes of the program around.

Analyst after analyst thinks this is the year that the Huskers finally get back to a bowl. The win totals have Nebraska staring at least seven wins in the eye, but with many expecting more than that. However, one beat writer who has been around the Cornhuskers longer than most went on the radio late last week and reportedly threw a dash of cold water on some of the more high-flying expectations.

Nebraska football analysts throws cold water on exploding expectations

Twitter account Huskers Gameday took to social media over the weekend to report on what Sipple said during a segment on The Ticket with Adam Carriker. 

According to the report, Sipple does believe the Nebraska Cornhuskers could be better this fall. However, he thinks that some Nebraska fans’ expectations are getting a bit too out of control.

" would really have to unravel, probably four. The schedule manageable along with talent, no major holes...ten (ceiling). Just to cover myself, I'm predicting seven. I'm staying conservative. They have a freshman quarterback. Let's see what happens against Colorado and go from there."

Sipple also said that he thinks people who believe the Huskers’ floor is seven wins are not being realistic.

"That seems overly optimistic to me. That level of optimism is particularly striking to me. I don't see All-Big Ten players. I don't see 1st round draft picks...If you win 10 or 11 and you don't have any 1st round picks or anyone knocking on the 1st round, it's either a real good coaching job or you've overachieved a little bit. 7-5 as the floor strikes me as overly optimistic."

Still 95 days away from the Nebraska football season opener, it’s going to be a while before we know if expectations are out of control and overly optimistic or right on par.